How to reduce the loading time of WordPress website

Learn about : How to reduce the loading time of WordPress website .

Hello Quantum Friends ,
In Fast loading website Vs Slow website , everybody loves fast loading websites . Nobody wants to remain longer time on that website which takes long time to load the page . In today Internet era the visitors have a lots of options hence , they always avoid that websites which takes longer time to load .
If we talk about search engine , such as Google , yahoo etc. then it will also penalise that website which loads slower . So my friends you must have to reduce the loading time of your website .

Here is the Guidelines for reducing loading time of WordPress website :

(1)Selection of the best WordPress hosting provider:
My friends there are many hosting in the market which gives many offers but you should always care about hosting provider and after doing R & D you should select best and expertise WordPress wbsite hosting provider , which give value for your hard earned money .

Switching from :
[ Shared hosting —> VPS hosting ]

If you are using shared hosting (which is overloaded with several websites )then your website loading time gets slower because in shared hosting several websites using the same resources which is provided by hosting provider . Hence in this case
your website will be certainly affected and gets slower i.e. taking more time to load .
So , you should switch from shared hosting to VPS (virtual private server)hosting which is much better with respect to shared hosting .On thing about VPS hosting is that it is little costlier than shared hosting but it still better .
Finally I want to say if you want to monetize your website and think about more traffic come to your website then you have to pay for that . As you know : “No pain No gain ” .

(2)Must delete the unused WordPress plugin :

My friends , you must have to delete that Themes & Plugin which are not in use , because unused plugin unnecessary increases the loading time and your site becomes slow . It is just like waste material in your house , hence you must clean it .
You should use minimum plugin as you can . It will be best if you are not using any plugin but it is easy to say & difficult to follow . Hence you should use minimum plugin which is essential .

(3)Optimize the images used in website :
As you know image takes much more memory space than text , hence image loads slower than text & takes more loading time . Hence do not use unnecessary image . At first reduce the size of image than and than place it . After image optimization your website loading gets better .

How to disable post revision in wordpress & reduce database size

Learn about : How to disable post revision feature in wordpress so that database size can be reduced and website speed increases .

Hello Quantum Friends ,

WordPress has  many features  , one of them is Post Revision , but like  evey goodness has some weaknesses post revision has too . In wordpress we can improve our post by modifying it any number of times but problem is that every time we modify it , wordpress can save it as a separate copies of modified post and display the latest . Hence this is not good for that users who has limited database space .
Hence they think that how to disable post revision so that our database size can be reduced and also increases the speed of website .

My friends here is the procedure for : How to disable post revision :

1. Firstly  you have to download wp-config.php file on your computer from wordpress root directory from your server .

2. Now open the wp-config.php and add the following code and save .

define(‘WP_POST_Revision ‘ , false);

After that you have to  upload this new file ( wp-config.php ) to server in wordpress root directory (From where you have already downloaded it ) .

Now you can see that this code will disable all your future revision to be saved .

Note :  You should always remembered that this code will not delete your past revision , it applicable for future , that means in future there is no post revision  .

If you want to delete your Old Post Revisions this task will be completed through your database :

Hence You have to visit PHPmyadmin and run the following SQL QUERY :

DELETE From WP_Posts
Where post_type = “Revision” ;

The above  Query will delete all your previously saved post Revision from your database and hence your database size will be reduced & website speed increases .

Hello Friends , If you want to Limit your  Post Revisions you can do it :

At first you have to decide how many post revisions do you want in your database , for example ; Suppose you think that your database should have three post revisions then you have to add the following code to wp-config.php file and save it  .

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 );

After that you should upload this new file (wp-config.php) to server in wordpress root directory .

How to Set Up an Out of Office Auto-Reply in Gmail

Learn about : How to set up an Auto email responder when you are going for vacation & Gmail will send your reply to people who email you .

Hello Quantum Friends ,
When you are going for vacation with your family & friends , but there is no access to internet then how you can read your email and respond to the people who emailed you . If you are worried about this problem then be calm Google provides a tool( Gmail’s vacation responder ) by using this you can respond to the people . So my friends  , while your vacation responder is turned on , Gmail will send your reply to the people who email you .

Gmail provides  you  the option to specify the starting date &  end date for your message , so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off when you return. Gmail will also remind you that an auto-response message is set .

Guidelines for How to set up an auto responder with Gmail :

(1) At First , you have to Click on the gear wheel in the top right of the screen and select settings.

(2) Secondly , Scroll down to the Out of Office AutoReply section near the bottom of the page.

(3)  Thirdly , you should Select Out of Office AutoReply on .

(4) Now, Enter the first date & the last date . The People who send you emails in between these dates , including the first and last date ,  they will receive your out of office message , which is to be set .

(5) Now , Enter or change the subject & message that will be emailed to people if they email you during this time .

(6) Finally , Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Save Changes.

♦How to  sort your email very quickly by the use of Priority inbox and also to prevent email overload ♦

Hello Quantum Friends ,
If you want to sort your emails &  prevent the overload on your inbox you should use Priority Inbox .  Because Priority Inbox automatically identifies your important emails and separates them out from everything else , so you can focus on what really matters. All the Incoming email is sorted into sections which helps you by keeping it organised : important & unread , starred & everything else .

Gmail uses a variety of signals to identify important email, including which messages you open and which you reply to. Over time being, Priority Inbox gets better by predicting what’s important to you.

How to Change your inbox style :
Priority Inbox is one of several inbox styles and you can easily switch styles to find the one that works best.
1. Firstly , you have to Open Gmail.
2. Secondly , Click on the gear image in the top right.

3. Thirdly , you have to Select Settings.
4. After that , you should Select the Inbox tab.
5. Then , in the “Inbox type” section , select Priority Inbox from the drop-down menu.
6. Finally , Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

How to Import old emails and contacts from other account

♦Learn about : How to Import old emails and contacts when you are switching from one email to other ♦

Hello Quantum Friends ,
If you are switching from other Email service  to Gmail but don’t want to loose your old Emails & contacts i.e. want to get all your old emails and contacts . There is no need to worry ,  here is the option for you that without loosing your data in previous email , you  can import this into Gmail . The new emails & contacts are forwarded to  your Gmail account .

Guidelines for How import Emails &  contacts :

Before you start the following steps you should always keep in mind that you can only import from those account which can be accessed by you .

(1) At First , you have to open your Gmail account .

(2) Secondly , Click on the gear wheel in the top right & Select Settings  .

(4) Thirdly , Open the Accounts & Import tab at the top .

(5) Now Click on the Import mail & contacts .

(6)After Entering your information for your old account you have to choose which do you want to  import.

(7) Finally ,  you click on Start import   and look at the “ Import mail & contacts ” . If a message is displayed that : your account requires another confirmation , then click on Proceed .

Learn about : How to change display name in gmail

Hello Quantum Friends ,
You have not to change your Email address but You have to change the display name which is linked to your  email address  . My friends you can make changes to your display name – that is the name seen by recipients of your emails .

You should see the following Example  :

Old Email Id: to me

New Email Id :
Myname to me

The following steps are required to change the display name in gmail :

  1. At first , Open Gmail on a computer.
  2. Now , click the gear at the top right corner   .
  3. You should Select Settings .
  4. You have to Click the Accounts tab .
  5. In the “Send mail as:” section , locate the email address you’d like to edit.
  6. You have to Click edit info next to the address.
  7. At Last , In the “Name :” section , specify what you’d like your name to be & click Save changes.

How to Increase Your LinkedIn Network

♦Learn about : How to Increase Your LinkedIn Network and how you can build it quickly ♦

Hello Quantum Friends ,

Today social networking sites becoming very popular so everyone want to become popular in social networking world . For this you should have to increase your social network . Here we are talking about , How to increase social network through LinkedIn .
There are following steps to increase your LinkedIn Network :
(1)At first you should Upload your contacts from Outlook , Hotmail , Gmail  and Yahoo :
You can do this via “Contacts” and then “Add Connections” in the top menu. You are automatically positioned in the first “tab”, Add Connections.

The easiest way is for this is you should  give permission to LinkedIn  to access your webmail (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo …) account . As LinkedIn provides step-by-step instructions for several email programs . When you upload these contacts they are visible only to you .

Now Invite them one-by-one  . Of course, this is more time-consuming , but you can send a personal message in the language you prefer .

There are following steps to send a personal message :

There are three steps to invite your friends & grow your network :

(a) At first , you have to Click on someone’s name. Now , you will arrive at their Profile.
(b) Secondly , Click on “Add name to your network” (which is at right upper corner ).
(c) Thirdly , Choose the relationship you have with them and write a personal message for them .

After doing these 3 steps people will respond you. They will accept your invitation and your network will start to grow .
# Look at the contacts, which are now available in “Imported Contacts” (under “Contacts”, top menu, and then “My Connections”, second tab page)

The people who are already on LinkedIn (with the email address you have in your address book) have a small blue icon with the letters “In”. Since they are already using LinkedIn they will be the most open to a connection with you.

(2)Add more people to your network :
you can add more people to your network . At first , you have to focus on the people who are already on LinkedIn because they will be more open to accepting your invitation .

My friends , as LinkedIn also provides tools for retrieving colleagues &  classmates , hence you can also use this tools for this purpose  . You  should know that , LinkedIn works with that informations which is provided by you  in your Profile , hence it is important that you have to listed the companies where you have worked for and the schools and universities where you have studied . On that basis LinkedIn will suggest you for your friends .

Let’s start with current and past colleagues :

You have to Look for current and past colleagues . You can do this via “Contacts/Add Connections” in the top ## menu and then the “Colleagues” tab . You will see all the companies that you have listed in your Profile . Amazing , now you will also see that  many people from each company are already LinkedIn members .

(ii) Now , Click on a company you are working for or have worked for . You will get a list of people you might know . After that you have to Select the people you actually know . They end up on the box on the right side.

(iii) You should Invite them to connect with you . The good news is that here you have the option to “add a personal note with your invitation”. Use it!
Option : Write a personal message to them if you are going to invite them one by one.
“In this way your network grows with both current and past colleagues ”

(3) Discover People You May Know :

Discover the People You May Know with whom you studied (or are studying). While you might share fewer contacts or current interests on a professional or personal level, old classmates might be very valuable for your network.

(i) Looking for the classmates . You can do this via “Contacts-Add Connections” in the top menu and then the “Classmates” tab. You will see all the schools that you yourself have listed in your Profile.

(ii) Click on a school. You will get a list of people you might know. Select the people you actually know. You can select only one classmate at the time.
(iii) Write a personal message to them.
(iv) Repeat steps (ii) and (iii) for every classmate of that same school .
(v) Repeat steps (ii)  , (iii)  and (iv)  for every school where you enrolled.

In this way your network grows with current and past classmates.