Value Based Physics

Value Based Questions : Physics (Class XII)

Q: 1. A child is observing a thin film such as a layer of oil on water show beautiful colours when illuminated by while light. He feels happy and surprised to see this. His teacher explains him the reason behind it .The child then gives an example of spreading of kerosene oil on water to prevent malaria and dengue.
∎ What value was displayed by his teacher ?
∎ Name the phenomenon involved ?

Q: 2. Ravi is using yellow light in a single silt diffraction experiment with silt width of 0.6 mm. The teacher has replaces yellow light by x-rays. Now he is not able to observe the diffraction pattern. He feels sad. Again the teacher replaces x-rays by yellow light and the diffraction pattern appears again. The teacher now explains the facts about the diffraction and
∎ Which value is displayed by the teacher ?
∎ Give the necessary condition for the diffraction.

Q: 3. Aditya participated in a group discussion in his school on ” Human eye and its defects ” in the evening he noticed that his father is reading a book by placing it at a distance of 50 cm or more from his eye. He advised him for his eye check-up.
∎ Suggest the focal length/power of the reading spectacle for him, so that he may easily read the book placed at 25 cm from eye.
∎ Name the value displayed by Aditya.

Q: 4. Mohit was watching a program on the topic MOON on the Discovery channel. He came to know from the observations recorded from the surface of Moon that the sky appears dark from there. He got surprised and wanted to know the reason behind it. He discussed it with his friends, and they had the reasons as
1. Phenomenon of refraction of light
2.Phenomenon of scattering of light and explained the topic to him in detail.
(i) Name the value that was displayed by Mohit
(ii ) what values were displayed by his friends

Q: 5 A teacher has given three lenses of power 0.5 D, 4 D, 10 D to a student. He is not sure as to which lenses would he use for constructing a good astronomical telescope. So he consults his seniors and the teacher also and constructs a telescope. Later he shows this telescope to the junior classes and explains about the choice of lenses.
∎ What values has he shown by doing these?
∎ Which lenses are used as objective and which one as Eyepiece?

Q: 6.A person looking at a person wearing a shirt with a pattern comprising Vertical and Horizontal lines is able to see vertical lines more distinctly than the horizontal ones. He shares his problem with his friend who suggests him to go to a doctor immediately.
(i) Name the value displayed by his friend
(ii ) what is this defect due to ?
(iii) How is such a defect of be corrected ?

Q: 7. Students of class XII big mirrors in their classroom for science fair. the mirrors are so arranged that one can see six images of himself .all the students of other classes who came to see this were very happy and Geeta of class X th was determined to know the reason behind it . She went to the library,consulted other students and next day came up with the answer.
∎ What values were depicted by Geeta ?
∎ Give the reason for seeing six images?

Q: 8. A child uses a semi conductor device in listening radio & seeing pictures on T.V. He was asked to suggest the techniques as the cost of LPG/CNG is going up, to cope up with future situations.
∎ What are the values developed by the child?
∎ What may be the suitable semi conductor material used for utilization of maximum solar energy with reasons?

Q: 9. Ruchi’s uncle who was a kabadiwalah was getting weak day by day. His nails were getting blue, he stated losing his hair. This happened immediately after he purchased a big container of heavy mass from Delhi University Chemistry Department. Doctors advised him hospitalization and suspected he has been exposed to radiation. His uncle didn’t know much about radiations but Ruchi immediately convinced her uncle to get admitted and start treatment.
(i) What according to you are the values utilized by Rama to convince her uncle to get admitted in hospital
(ii)Name the radioactive radiations emitted from a radioactive element

Q: 10. Medha’s grandfather was reading article is newspaper. He read that after so many years of atomic bombing is Hiroshima or Nagasaki, Japan National census indicated that children born even now are genetically deformed. His grandfather was not able to understand the reason behind it. He asked his Granddaughter Medha who is studying in class XII science. Medha sat with her grandfather and showed him pictures from some books and explained the harmful effects of radiations.
(i) What are the values/ skills utilized by kajal to make her grandfather understand the reason of genetically deformity?
(ii) Name the nuclear reactions that occurred is atom bomb.

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