Magnetic lines of force

Learn about Magnetic lines of force with several properties & some special points ♦

Magnetic lines of force:
Magnetic lines of force are nothing but some imaginary lines, the tangent to any point of which represents the direction of magnetic field at that point
(1) Magnetic lines of force are closed and continuous curves
(2) Direction of magnetic lines of force outside the body of the magnet is from north to south pole
(3) Direction of magnetic field at any point is given by the tangent to the curve at that point
(4) No two magnetic lines of force can intersect each other
(5) More magnetic lines of force per unit area represents a stronger magnetic field at that point.
Special points :
(1) Isolated electric charge exists. That’s why electric lines of force are not closed. Magnetic lines of force are closed curves. This implies that isolated magnetic pole does not exist. Hence the simplest magnetic structure is a dipole.
(2) The simplest magnetic structure is characterized by a vector whereas in electricity it is a scalar quantity q.
(3) Electric lines of force are discontinuous whereas magnetic lines of force are continuous.