M.C.Q : Current Electricity ( 1 to 10)


1. By increasing the temperature the resistance of a conductor

(A) increases.

(B) decreases.

(C) remains constant.

(D) initially increases then decreases.

2. A battery of emf V volts, resistance R1 & R2, a condenser C and switches S1 and S2 are connected in a circuit as shown in figure. The capacitor C gets fully charged to V volts when

(A) S1 & S2 are both closed

(B) S1 & S2 are both open

(C) S1 closed and S2 open

(D) S2 closed & S1 open.

3. The equivalent resistance of a circuit between A and B is

(A) 3 Ω

(B) zero.

(C) 6 Ω

(D) 3/2 Ω

4. In the circuit shown in figure, the voltmeter reading would be

(A) 0 volt.

(B) 0.5 volt.

(C) 1 volt.

(D) 2 volt.

5. The V-I graph for a conductor at temperatures T1 and T2 are as shown in the figure, (T2 – T1) is proportional to

(A) cos 2θ

(B) sin 2θ

(C) cot2θ

(D) tan 2θ

6. If a copper wire is stretched to make it 0.1 % longer. The percentage change in its resistance is

(A) 0.2 % increase

(B) 0.2% decrease

(C) 0.1 % increase

(D) 0.1 % decrease

7. In the circuit shown in figure E1 = 7V, E2 = 7V R1 = R2 = 1 Ω and R3 = 3 Ω respectively. The current through the resistance R3 is

(A) 2A

(B) 3.5A

(C) 1.75A

(D) none of these

8. The figure shows in apart of an electric circuit, then the current I is

(A) 1 A

(B) 3A

(C) 2 A

(D) 4 A

9. A cell of e.m.f E and internal resistance r is connected across a resistance r. The potential difference between the terminals of the cell must be

(A) E

(B) E/2

(C) E/4

(D) 3E/2

10. A conductor carries a current of 50mA if the area of cross-section of the conductor is 50 mm2 then value of the current density in Am-2 is

(A) 0.5

(B) 1

(C) 10-1

(D) 3/10


1. A   2. C   3. D   4. A   5. C   6. A   7. A   8. B   9. B   10. B  

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