THE BASIC FORCES IN NATURE:-The following basic forces operate in nature

(i)Gravitational force: The force of attraction between two objects due to their masses is known as

gravitational force All object fall because of the gravitational force of attraction exerted on

them by the earth. The gravitational force has the following properties

(i) It is always attractive in nature.

(ii) It is long range force.

(iii) It is the weakest force operating in nature

(iv) It obeys inverse square law.

(v) It is a central force.

(ii) Electromagnetic force :- The force between two charges is called electrostatic force while the

force between two magnetic poles is called magnetic force. The electromagnetic force has the

following properties.

(i) It may be attractive or repulsive in nature.

(ii) It is also a long rang force.

(iii) It is about 1036 times stronger than gravitational force.

(iv) It obeys inverse square law.

(v) It is also a central force


(iii) Strong force :- It is the force of nuclear origin within the atomic nucleus, the stronger nuclear

force holds the nucleons- Protons and neutrons together. It has the following properties–

(i) Basically it is an attractive force.

(ii) It is short rang force of about the nuclear dimensions of 10-15m

(iii) It varies inversely with some higher power of distance.

(iv) It is the strongest force operating in nature.

(v) It is a non-central force.

(iv) Weak force :- In the process of radioactive decay. The nucleus emits an electron and neutron

[un changed particle]. The electron and the neutron interact with each other exclusive through

the weak force. The weak forces are about 1025 times as strong as gravitational forces.


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