How to optimize your website for search engine

♦Learn about : Search Engine Optimization : How to optimize your website so that your website rank will improve on Google and other search engines ♦

The following steps you should have to take for search engine optimization of your website  :

(1) Title tag : For on page SEO , Title tag are the most important , hence your keyword should be included in the title tag . Title tag must be attractive and appealing as Google shows it in its search results .

(2) Headline tag (H1 , H2, H3) : Your every page should have included one H1 tag with your keyword in it .

(3) Meta description tag : As we know that meta description does not affect the ranking of your page but in spite of that Google still pulls the text from it that how it describe your webpage . Hence you should make it more attractive so that more people will click your page & traffic will increase on your website . As traffic increases , page ranking increases .

(4) Images & ALT tag uses  : You should always include at least two images in each page and also make sure that one of images must have your keyword in ALT tag . All other images also need have an ALT tag but Keyword should not be include in them .
Never use too many Keywords with ALT tags because too many keywords can lead to an over optimization and it has negative impact , ultimately it is penalized by Google .

(5) Keyword density : Avoid more keywords to any webpages , that means do not put more keywords to each page . Simply include about 3 instances of your keywords in each page in which one of them should be close to the beginning of article , one of them can be bold or Italics and that will do .

(6) Synonyms : You should  include 2 or 3 synonyms to your webpages that does not include exact words from your keywords .

(7) Article Topic : Articles topic is very important hence ,  your content must be on that topic and it will match with your keyword which is being targeted .

(8) Unique content : My friends always take care about your content uniqueness . Your webpage content should be unique & different , it has never been duplicated . If you are using spun article & blog you should always care that , your content should be atleast 75% unique and also must have sense with decent grammer .