How to reduce the loading time of WordPress website

Learn about : How to reduce the loading time of WordPress website .

Hello Quantum Friends ,
In Fast loading website Vs Slow website , everybody loves fast loading websites . Nobody wants to remain longer time on that website which takes long time to load the page . In today Internet era the visitors have a lots of options hence , they always avoid that websites which takes longer time to load .
If we talk about search engine , such as Google , yahoo etc. then it will also penalise that website which loads slower . So my friends you must have to reduce the loading time of your website .

Here is the Guidelines for reducing loading time of WordPress website :

(1)Selection of the best WordPress hosting provider:
My friends there are many hosting in the market which gives many offers but you should always care about hosting provider and after doing R & D you should select best and expertise WordPress wbsite hosting provider , which give value for your hard earned money .

Switching from :
[ Shared hosting —> VPS hosting ]

If you are using shared hosting (which is overloaded with several websites )then your website loading time gets slower because in shared hosting several websites using the same resources which is provided by hosting provider . Hence in this case
your website will be certainly affected and gets slower i.e. taking more time to load .
So , you should switch from shared hosting to VPS (virtual private server)hosting which is much better with respect to shared hosting .On thing about VPS hosting is that it is little costlier than shared hosting but it still better .
Finally I want to say if you want to monetize your website and think about more traffic come to your website then you have to pay for that . As you know : “No pain No gain ” .

(2)Must delete the unused WordPress plugin :

My friends , you must have to delete that Themes & Plugin which are not in use , because unused plugin unnecessary increases the loading time and your site becomes slow . It is just like waste material in your house , hence you must clean it .
You should use minimum plugin as you can . It will be best if you are not using any plugin but it is easy to say & difficult to follow . Hence you should use minimum plugin which is essential .

(3)Optimize the images used in website :
As you know image takes much more memory space than text , hence image loads slower than text & takes more loading time . Hence do not use unnecessary image . At first reduce the size of image than and than place it . After image optimization your website loading gets better .

How to disable post revision in wordpress & reduce database size

Learn about : How to disable post revision feature in wordpress so that database size can be reduced and website speed increases .

Hello Quantum Friends ,

WordPress has  many features  , one of them is Post Revision , but like  evey goodness has some weaknesses post revision has too . In wordpress we can improve our post by modifying it any number of times but problem is that every time we modify it , wordpress can save it as a separate copies of modified post and display the latest . Hence this is not good for that users who has limited database space .
Hence they think that how to disable post revision so that our database size can be reduced and also increases the speed of website .

My friends here is the procedure for : How to disable post revision :

1. Firstly  you have to download wp-config.php file on your computer from wordpress root directory from your server .

2. Now open the wp-config.php and add the following code and save .

define(‘WP_POST_Revision ‘ , false);

After that you have to  upload this new file ( wp-config.php ) to server in wordpress root directory (From where you have already downloaded it ) .

Now you can see that this code will disable all your future revision to be saved .

Note :  You should always remembered that this code will not delete your past revision , it applicable for future , that means in future there is no post revision  .

If you want to delete your Old Post Revisions this task will be completed through your database :

Hence You have to visit PHPmyadmin and run the following SQL QUERY :

DELETE From WP_Posts
Where post_type = “Revision” ;

The above  Query will delete all your previously saved post Revision from your database and hence your database size will be reduced & website speed increases .

Hello Friends , If you want to Limit your  Post Revisions you can do it :

At first you have to decide how many post revisions do you want in your database , for example ; Suppose you think that your database should have three post revisions then you have to add the following code to wp-config.php file and save it  .

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 );

After that you should upload this new file (wp-config.php) to server in wordpress root directory .