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QuantumStudy Provides Physics , Chemistry & Mathematics Articles which helps me to understand the subjects in depth .

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Solve Numerical Problems in Physics ?

Always remember that Problems are based on basic principles . So read the problem carefully understand the underlying principles and only then proceed to solve the problem.

Why diagram drawing is important in Physics ?

Always draw a diagram in solving numerical problems in Physics Specially in Mechanics , Optics and Current Electricity . This will help you in discovering the fundamental principles involved .

Always use formula very carefully ?

You should understand that Laws , Equations and formulae may have limitations . So be careful before applying them e.g. Acceleration due to gravity can not be taken to be uniform when we are considering very large distance above the surface of earth .

Why we should not see the solution provided ?

If you are unable to solve the problem , don’t hurry to see the solution provided . Study the relevant theory again by paying attention to important concepts . Experience shows that studying theory with a definite problem in mind is very effective .

Make use of significant figures & Approximations ?

You should avoid to go into lengthy arithmetical simplifications to obtain the most accurate numerical value up to several places of decimals  . Make use of significant figures and rules of approximations to reach the final numerical value in shortest possible time . 

Don’t worry if some essential quantities are not specified ?

If some essential quantities are not specified in the statement of problem , perhaps they will cancel out . The value of universal constants will be generally mentioned .

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