How to become rich by making more assets not liability ?

Hello friends ,
In this article we are going to tell about :

  • What is Asset ?
  • How to make Asset ?
  • What is the difference between Asset & Liability ?
  • How to become Rich by making more Assets ?

What is Asset ?

Any item that put money in your pocket is called Asset , that means assets may generate passive income for yourself . Passive income means that income is also generating while you are not actively involved in this or you are sleeping . This is the Power of Passive Income .
Some Examples are : Stocks , Mutual funds , Index funds , commodities , Books , courses , content etc.
These things generates money while you are not in active mode . Once you have invested , your money growing . So more you have assets more you earn . Hence If you want to become rich you should generate more and more assets .

What is Liability ?

Any item which take money out of your pocket is called Liability . For Example : If you have purchased a car without your need or little need then this is a liability for you because you it requires maintenance , EMI and its value also decreasing day by day . But if you have given it on rent then this same car is generating money for you and this will be an asset for you .
Thus If you think in smart way you may convert your liability into asset . So asset generates money for you and liability take money out of your account .
After understanding the difference between assets and liability , we can say that your assets may become liability and liability become assets ,Its depends upon you approach .

So rule for becoming rich is :

Wealth creation is directly proportional to how many number of good assets you have been created .

Now I want to tell you a very interesting story :
Two friends are living in a town named Roger and Ginny . Both was working in same company at same post & having same salary . Roger always talking about assets , how to build & increase asset , how to convert liability into asset . But on other side his friend Ginny always talking about liability buying a house , car etc. After ten years result was amazing , Roger became millionaire but Ginny does not , reason is that Roger has created many sources of income by increasing number of assets but Ginny has one & only source of income i.e. his job with EMI for his house & car etc.

Now I want to tell you about some assets :

1. Stocks :

If you have knowledge of stocks market then you should invest in some good stocks . If you have no knowledge then you have to acquire some knowledge about stocks market and then starts investing .

2. Mutual funds :

If you have no knowledge of stocks then you may go through mutual funds because mutual funds are low risky and in long run this will give you better return .

3. Commodities :

As you have seen that the price of gold , silver , platinum etc. are increasing day by day . So if you want to invest in commodities it will also give you better return .
In this way you may diversified your investment and make more assets .

4. Bonds :

Government bonds are also be an options for investment and making money .

5. Books & Courses :

If you have an expert in any field then you may write a book , make a course and by selling them you can generate money for yourself .
So there are many ways of making assets & I have given some ideas . I expect this article will be helpful for all my readers & friends to make them rich .

How to become Rich | The power of compounding

How to become Rich | The power of compounding
Hello friends , Everyone wants to earn money and become rich . I want to tell you , how to become rich by using “ The Power of compounding Principle “
I want to tell you a practical example that how Power of compounding works ?

Suppose there are two bags , first bag contains 100 lacs rupees and second bag contains one rupee coin which doubles everyday up to 30 days .
Now you have to choose anyone bag , believe me most of the people will choose first bag . But people who know the power of compounding will choose second bag which contains one rupee coin . Now I would like to show you  how much rupees one rupee coin become after 30 days . On second day coin becomes two rupees , 3rd day become Four rupees , 4th day 8 Rs. , 5th day 16 Rs ….so on . After 30th days this will become more than 53 crore rupees . This is the power of compounding .

Now I want to tell you how to become rich by investing . Most of the people heard about share market , stock exchange . Stock Exchange is a place where stocks can be sell and purchased . But most of the people have a fear in their mind by investing in share market . Most of the people think that investing in share market is like a gambling . That means it is very risky to invest in stock market . That’s why most of the people do not take interest to invest in stock market , they think bank is safe so they are more interested in fixed deposit (F.D) .

Now I would like to tell you if you think that your hard earned money gain better return then you should invest in stock market through Mutual funds . Mutual fund is safe because it is regulated by SEBI (Securities & Exchange Bord of India) .
What is Mutual Fund ?

Mutual Funds are the group of investments which contains Gold , Stocks , Bond , Real State etc .
The company that manages mutual funds are called Asset Management company . The company hire many experts & they manages their money very wisely . They never put their money in a single portfolio . They put their money in diversified portfolio . Due to diversified portfolio , if they have some losses in one portfolio , there will be some gain in other portfolio and losses can be overcome .

Warren Buffett Says that “ Don’t put all your eggs in one basket ” , that means you should invest your money in diversified portfolio .

If you want to be rich then you should learn about money . You should talk about money .

Quantity vs Quality :

Always choose quality funds which have four to five star ratings .

Short Term vs Long Term Goal :

If you want to better return then always plan for long term investment .


Never put all you money in single portfolio , be diversified .

Don’t be greedy :

Don’t be too greedy about returns , always see the company background before investment . Who is running the company , what is their goal , which types of business they do etc . After knowing this in & out you should invest .

How to Start Online Earning | How To Make Money Online

I want to tell you a very interesting story before going to talk about online earning :
In a small village a young boy was living . There was a temple on a small mountain about 10 miles distance from the village . Once a day in evening he wanted to go temple for worshiping god . He thinks that as temple is far away from my village it will take more time to cover such a large distance , so he arrange a lantern for their journey . But he thought that such a large distance can not be covered with such small light source . He sit down on the land and wait for tomorrow morning , suddenly he sees that an old person is walking towards temple with a small oil lamp (diya) . Young boy told that old person , are you mad ? , how can you cover such a large distance in dark night with this small lamp . This small oil lamp can not lighted more than a single step & distance is about 10 miles . The old person replied “ No one can walk more than a single step at a time ”, As I move one step ahead , small oil lamp will also move one step with me and so on ….. In this way whole journey can be covered with such a small oil lamp. Old man said don’t think about 10 miles just think about one step .
So moral of this story is that if you want to be rich , you should execute you plan and starts your journey towards your goal . The day will come you will be rich .

15 Ways to Start Online Earning :

#1. App Developer :

In this digital arena everyone using mobile apps e.g. facebook , twitter , Instagram , whatsapp , telegram etc . Everyone aware by this Apps & all these apps are developed by App developer . For online marketing you would have used Flipkart , Amazon etc . In online education Byju’s , Vedantu etc. are very popular Apps . So there are huge demand for App developers . That’s why App development is a very lucrative career & you can earn a lots of money being an App developer . If you are choosing this as a career then there are many ways that you can earn money . If you want to do jobs in IT company then there is a huge demand for you . But if you are not interested in jobs the you can do freelancing . If you are business minded person having an idea in your mind and have some money & time to invest then you may start your own app and earn a lots of money & become rich , because “An Idea can change your life ” . Your effort and dedication will make you successful . So starts moving towards your goal .

#2. Website developer :

As you have seen that almost every company have a website now a days , because everyone wants to go online . Online market is increasing day by day , today world become a global village . Many person also develop a website by their own name . That means if you want to have global presence then you must have a website . So website development is a very good career option , if you are interested in coding & designing . Being a website developer you can earn money several ways :
If you want to do job the many website development company hiring day by day . If want to do your own business and starts a website development company then you can & earn much more . If you have a writing skill then you can write articles on your website , if your website become popular and large number of traffic on your website , then by google adsense you can earn passive money . So there are many ways for earning being a website developer.

#3. Graphic Designer :

If you have a creative mindset and want to do some creativity then Graphic designing is the best career option for you . There are huge demand for graphic designer now a days . Graphic designing field are very broad . You can do logo designing for a company , cover designing in publishing houses , page designing in media houses etc . So there are huge demand in print media , electronic media houses and many more …
In spite of jobs you may also starts your own business if you have a business mindset . You should have some marketing skill that you can talk to your client and understand their demand and then fulfil their requirement . If your client is satisfied with your work then he will recommend others , in this way your number of clients would be increasing & your earning will also increasing .

#4. SEO Expert:

SEO means Search Engine Optimization . I think everyone know google , yahoo , bing etc . these are search engine . As you have to know about something then you go to browser type your keyword related to your query , after indexing and crawling search engine show the results from their database . When search engine show the results you have seen that there are many pages , but most of the visitors go through first or second pages . But problem is that every website owner wants to display their website content on first page . Question is how its possible ? Now role of SEO expert is started . By using their technical knowledge he will increase your website ranking so that your web page display on first page . In this way SEO expert has a very lucrative career options and there are huge demand for this . But you should remember that it will take time to become an expert and then you can earn a lots of money by being an expert .

#5. Affiliate Marketing :

As you know that online marketing is increasing day by day .Many more company sell their products online , and day by day more and more companies are entering in this arena . Due to government policies and consumer awareness more & more consumers order their products online . In this way Online marketing has a great future . If you are interested in online marketing then affiliate marketing is the best career option .

#6.Social Media Manager :

In today digital world everyone knows the power of social media such as facebook , twitter , instagram , youtube etc .
If you are a great influencer and have a fan following on social media & you have very much interest in social media management , then social media manager is the best career option for you . This career has earning as well as entertaining potential .
As you know now a days most companies , organisations , political parties , celebrities etc a social media account .So to handle their account they require social media manager . Thus social media manager has great demand & if you chose it as a career then this will be very lucrative . You can do either job or business it totally depends upon your interest .

#7. Freelancing

If you are a content writer , graphic designer , website developer , App developer etc . You can market this skill and make money online . In these days there are several websites which provides online work , you can take a project from these websites and earn a handsome income after completion of project . There are many popular websites such as Fiverr , Upwork and many more which you may search that provides online projects for freelancer . If you want to make career as a freelancer you must be perfect in your field , so before going to jump , enhance your skill .

#8. E-Commerce Store

#9. Cyber Security Expert

#10. Resume Writing

#11. Digital Advertising

#12. Dropshipping

#13. Online Tutoring

#14. Photography

#15. Accounting

#16 . Stock Trading