How smart watch make your life living more smart ?

In today technology arena everyone wants to become healthy & smart . As you know healthy body has healthy mind . So question is how to remain healthy & fit by using technology . The technology plays very important role in our daily life . As we know most of the people uses smart phones in these days . We also see that traditional watches are replaced by smart watches . It looks very beautiful and also have multiple functions .

What is smart watch ?

Smart watch is a wearable device which perform basic tasks (such as  display time & date , calculations , gaming etc.) as well as some smart functionality . It has digital circuit as well as mobile apps , WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity .

Smart watch can also function as media player , FM radio and playback of digital audio & video files . By connecting it with smart phone you can also call to someone .

In general smart watch is powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion battery . It also includes digital cameras , thermometers , barometers , heart rate monitor , compasses , GPS receivers & micro sd card for storing data . Hence we can say that smart watch is a wearable computer in the form of watch .

As smart watch support wireless technology such as WiFi , Bluetooth , GPS so it can easily communicate with smartphones using technology . The technology are advancing day by day so smart watch becoming more smart with growing technology with their design , battery life , health related applications (such as measuring heart rate , SPO2 , workout etc.)

On pairing  with smartphones , smart watch can display SMS , emails , calls & any data that is available by apps . As smart watch having fitness trackers that also measures number of kilometres a person walked , how many hours they slept and so on…

Conclusion : So finally we can say that by using smart watch you can make your life & living more convenient .

How Oximeter measures Pulse Rate & Oxygen level in your Blood

A Pulse Oximeter is as small clip like device that measures pulse rate & oxygen level (SPO2) in your blood by non-invasive method .

You should know that a normal resting pulse rate is in between 60 to 100 BPM (beats per minute) and normal oxygen level (SPO2) between 95% to 100% .

As we know that we need oxygen for survival . Oxygen enter our lungs and pass on into the blood . The way oxygen is carried in our blood by means of Hemoglobin . The Hemoglobin (Hb) with oxygen called “ oxy Hb “ and without oxygen called “deoxy Hb” . Oxy Hb and deoxy Hb absorbs infrared & red light differently . Oxy Hb absorb more infrared light and deoxy Hb will absorb more red light .

How it Works :

A pulse oximeter uses a pair of light (infrared & red) of high intensity from LED (Light Emitting Diode)to measure oxygen saturation level in your blood .

The device has a light source and light detector . If a finger is placed between light source and detector , the light has to pass through the finger to reach the detector .

According to law in Physics “The amount of light absorbed is proportional to the concentration of light absorbing substance ” .

As Hemoglobin (Hb) absorbs light . “The amount of light absorbed is proportional to concentration of Hb in blood vessel “ .

As Oximeter detects how much light has been absorbed and how much reaches the detector . In this way oximeter measures the oxygen level in the blood .

In covid-19 pandemic everyone should keep pulse oximeter in his house . This device is small & also not so costly . You may purchase it from any medical store or online store .


How Video game can improve your memory and Concentration

As we all know that gaming is essential for physical & mental fitness .

In this article we are talking about brain train game . The question arises  always in our mind that , can brain train game improves our memory & Concentration ? The answer is Yes .

It has to be found by study that brain train game improves short term memory , long term memory , response time and logical thinking skills .If a person would like to give workout to his brain , it may improve mental focus & fitness . It has to be found by neurobiologist in his study gaming can improve memory test score . In his study on two groups playing video games , one group that played in 2-D environment and other in 3-D environment . After playing 30 minutes per day for two weeks , the participants were given memory test , the participants those in 3-D group significantly improve their memory test score as compared to 2-D group . There are many games by which you may improve your skills such as reading , writing , speaking etc. You may also customize according to your choice and also track your progress to see how your skills are improving .


If you want to improve your memory & concentration consider all time classic “CHESS” . It has to be found by study that regular CHESS player or expert have better memory & concentration . You may also serve social activity by playing Chess with your friend , family & colleague .

In other way you may also prefer to play on your Mobile Phones , tablets or PC .  In this way it will provide you virtual Competitors and you can challenge your mind . Playing more focussed chess also improves your logical thinking .


Video games are another better options for improving memory & concentration . It has to be found by study that video games which are based on playing & skillful thinking helps to improve the brain function .

Video game can also bridge the gap between adult & children by playing game together and also builds up deeper relationships . It has to be found that video game player also improves their several types of attention such as sustained attention , selective attention etc.

RELIEF PHYSICAL PAIN  :  It has to be found by study that video game may also relief physical & mental pain . Patient get relief from pain by engaging themselves with video game .

REDUCING DEPRESSION & STRESS : Video game may also helps in reducing stress for those students who suffering  from depression & stress .

IMPROVE DECISION MAKING CAPACITY : On playing games , gamer has to take second decision at a certain instant of time by doing this he can improve their decision making capability .

“  One should always keep in mind that games are for Refreshment for their mind , body & soul “

Thermal Equilibrium and Temperature

Content : Thermal Equilibrium and Temperature (Zeroth law of Thermodynamics) , Macroscope & Microscopic Descriptions 

In analyzing physical situation we usually focus our attention on some portion of matter which we separate, in our minds, from the environment external to it. We call such a portion the system. Everything outside the system which has a direct influence on its behaviour we call the environment

Example – A ball can be the system and the environment can be the air & the earth. In free fall, we seek to find how the air and earth affect the motion of the ball.

In all such cases we much choose suitable observable quantities to describe the behaviour of the system. We classify these quantities as Macroscopic (like pressure, volume, temperature for example) and Microscopic (Here, we consider quantities that describe the atoms and molecules that makeup the system, their speeds, energies, masses, angular momenta, behaviour during collisions, etc.)  Thus macroscopic quantities form the basis of science of thermodynamics. While the microscopic quantities form the basis of science of statistical mechanics.

Thus for any system, the microscopic and macroscopic quantities must be related because they are simply different wrap of describing the same situation.

Example : Let us take open tube mercury monometer connected to a gas tank, the pressure of a gas viewed macroscopically, is measured using a manometer. If it is viewed microscopically it is related to the average rate per unit area at which the molecules of the gas deliver momentum to the manometer fluid as they strike its surface

   Thermal Equilibrium (The Zeroth law of Thermodynamics)

Let us consider an object A which feels cold to the hand and identical object B which feels hot and let both be placed in contact with each other. After a sufficient length of time, A and give rise to the same temperature sensation. Thus A and B are said to be in thermal equilibrium with each other.

We can generalize the expression : Two bodies are in thermal equilibrium, to mean that the two bodies are in states such that if the two are connected, the combined system would be in thermal Equilibrium. The logical test for thermal equilibrium is to use a third body such as a thermometer. This is summanized in a law called “the zeroth law of the thermodynamics”

STATEMENT : If A and B, two objects are in thermal equilibrium with a third body C (The ‘Thermometer’)s then A and B are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

Thus, a scalar quantity, temperature, which is a property of all thermodynamic systems (in equilibrium states), such that any two systems having the same temperature must be in thermal equilibrium with each other
Example :- If shows two system A and B separated by an adiabatic wall (a wall which does not allow heat flow)

The two systems are placed together with third system C with a diathermic wall (a wall which permits heat flow) in between. Suppose A, B, C are at different temperatures. Systems A & C, B & C will be exchanging heat with each other, after certain length of time, they will attain thermal equilibrium with each other separately. It the adiabatic wall is removed between A and B at that time, it will be found there will be no exchange of heat between  the systems A and B. Therefore, the system A and B are allowed to attain thermal equilibrium separately with the system C.

 Temperature : The degree of  hotness of a body is called its temperature.

As we know that bodily sensation of warmth and cold is not reliable. Suppose we place our right     hand in hot water and the left hand in cold water. If after a few minutes, we place our both the hands in water at room temperature it will be found that to the right hand, the water will appear cold, while   to the left hand the same water will appear hot. Hence our judgment of temperature can be rather     misleading. Further, the range of our temperature sense is limited. What we need is an objective, numerical, measure of temperature.

An instrument used to measure the tempearture of a body is called a thermometer .
 HEAT When two systems at different temperatures are placed together, the final temperature reached is in between the two starting temperature. This has a common observation upto the beginning of the nineteenth century, it was considered that a material substance ‘Caloric’ existed in every body. It was believed that a body at high temperature contained more caloric than one at a lower temperature. This caloric is nothing but heat, which is transferred between a system and its surroundings as a  result of temperature difference only.

 ♠ Heat is a form of energy which produces in us the sensation of warmth.

Example : a piece of burning charcoal is known to be very hot, while Ice cube is very cold.

When bodies are heated, physical changes are likely to develop like change of state, (from solid to liquid incase of ice cube) expansion, (on heating gas expands as molecules have more kinetic energy), contraction etc.

Heat is a form of energy. For example, when we heat the gas in a container by burner it expands as the kinetic energy of the molecules increases due to heat imported to it which causes expansion. Hence, Heat energy is converted into kinetic energy which is nothing but mechanical energy. Thus, energy can be changed from one form to another form.

In 1978, Count Rumford engaged in making a bore in the brass cannon observed that the drilling tool became hot. Also, the brass chips cut off from the barrel of the cannon produced a sufficient increase in the temperature of the water on following in it (to prevent over heating, the bore of the cannon was kept full of water). The water was replenished as it boiled away during the boring process. In order to explain the production of heat during the drilling process, according to early caloric theory, when a metal cut into fine chips, the heat squeeze out from the body. It implied that the heat of the metal is the form of chips less than its value, when it is in the form of block. However, experiments conducted by Rumford proved that there is no difference in the values of specific heat of metal in two cases. It led to the downfall of caloric theory

Electromagnets & Permanent magnets


They are normally used for the purpose of lifting ferromagnetic substance.

 Properties of the material of an electromagnet :

(1)  The material should have low retentivity so that it gets demagnetised easily.

(2)  For the electromagnet to be very strong, it should have a high value of saturation magnetisation.

(3)  It should have low coercivity .

(4)  Hysteresis loss should be small. It should not be heated up during magnetisation and demagnetisation.

The above-mentioned properties are reasonably met with soft iron and so soft iron is usually preferred for an electromagnet.

 Permanent magnets

Normally used in measuring instruments.

Properties of the material of a permanent magnet :  

(1)  It should have high retentivity so that it remains magnetised in the absence of the magnetising field.

(2)  It should have high saturation magnetisation.

(3)  It should have high coercivity so that it does not get demagnetised easily.

Note:Compared to soft iron, steel has got low retentivity. Even then steel is preferred for a permanent magnet as it has got high coercivity.

 Trasformer cores

As the materials used for making transformer cores are subjected to many cyclic changes per second, so they are preferred to have low hysteresis loss. Moreover magnetic field B should be large. As soft iron shows these properties, hence it is always preferred to develop transformer cores.