What is Quantum Computing ?

Quantum Computing :

Quantum computing is a type of computing that utilizes the principles of quantum mechanics to perform mathematical calculations . Unlike classical computers that uses bits i.e binary digits to represent 0 or 1 , the quantum computers uses quantum bits , that can exist simultaneously in multiple states due to superposition property .
Quantum computers can solve the certain problems much faster than classical computers . This includes factoring large numbers and searching large databases .

Quantum computing techniques can enhance the machine learning algorithms to provide improvement in pattern recognition . Quantum computing have very much excellency in complex optimization problems , having applications in logistics , finance and various industries where finding best solution among various possibilities are important .

Superposition :

Quantum bits can exist in a combination of 0 and 1 states simultaneously . Due to this property quantum computers can process huge number of possibilities at once .

Quantum Gates :

Quantum Gates is analogous to classical logic gates but it takes the advantage of quantum properties . Quantum computers uses quantum gates to perform operations on quantum bits i.e qubits .

Quantum Parallelism :

Quantum computers can process many solutions to a problem simultaneously .
Therefore Quantum computers can solve complex problems more efficiently than classical computers , especially in those areas such as cryptography , optimization and simulation of quantum systems . However , quantum computers are still in the early stage of development and facing some challenges for implementing error correction and maintaining quantum bits .

What is Artificial Intelligence ? How does Artificial Intelligence works ?

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of computer Systems that can perform tasks which require human intelligence . The Artificial Intelligence technology aim is to give human like functions by enabling machines to perform complex tasks in easy manner and adapt new situations . Artificial Intelligence includes several techniques and approaches by creating machines which are capable of doing intelligence tasks .

Key Features of Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial intelligence have several key features to perform task , some of them are :

Machine Learning (ML) :

Machine Learning is a part of Artificial intelligence that enables the machine to learn from data . It involves training , instructions on datasets and allowing the systems to improve their performance over time .

Neural Networks :

Being inspired by the human brain , neural networks are the fundamental component of many AI Systems . Neural networks with multiple layers utilizes deep learning for performing more complex tasks .

Natural Language Processing :

This feature enables machines to understand , interpret and generate human language . It is crucial for applications like speech recognition , language translation etc .

Computer vision :

This feature enables machine to interpret and make decisions which are based on visual data . It can be used in facial recognition , object detection and many other applications .

Robotics :

On integrating Artificial Intelligence with Robot , its ability can be enhanced to perceive the environment and perform the assigned task . This includes both the robots either physical robots or software driven robots .

Expert Systems :

These are the computer systems designed to match or surpass the decision making ability of a human expert . It can be used to solve specific problems on the basis of their knowledge bases and reasoning abilities .

Conclusion : The purpose of Artificial intelligence is to create the systems that can adapt , learn and perform task intelligently & efficiently to provide the solutions for variety of difficulties that need to be addressed across various industries .

What is Chat GPT ? How does Chat GPT Works ?

The full form of Chat GPT is Chat Generative Pre Trained Transformer . According to sources Chat GPT  is a platform where you can ask your questions and get the answer in written form .

Actually Chat GPT  was launched on 30th Nov. 2022 and its official website : www.Chat.openai.com

After launched it achieved more than two million user base .

At this time most of people talking about Chat GPT and they want to know what is  chat GPT ? How chat GPT works ? What are their advantages and disadvantages ? How it can be used ?  . Somebody believes that Chat GPT beat the Google .

What is Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT is a  trained model that takes input in text form and give the result also in text form as a reaction . It is used for Question Answer , Language Translation , Articles Writing , Blog Writing etc.

In simple language we can say that Chat GPT AI is a search engine like google which is created by using Artificial Intelligence .

Actually it  is like a Chatbot which can give your question’s Answer in simple language  which has been asked by you . It works in many language but in English it is more precise .

Website : www.chat.openai.com

Who is the Owner of Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT  is not a property of a person or any organisation . It is a vast model that is developed by openAI and it is an Artificial Intelligence Lab . OpenAI Lab works on big scale on Machine Learning .

The CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman is the mastermind behind Chat GPT .

As Chat GPT is a language model that is not limited to a group of country . But it was developed by OpenAI organisation which is established in USA .

How Chat GPT works ?

Actually Chat GPT is an advanced natural language processing model that uses deep learning and RLHF for communication . It works on the basis of pattern that learn on training and predicts next words and uses human understandable language by large neural network .

Uses of Chat GPT in different Area :

  • By using chat GPT one can generate high quality and optimised content for their website , blog etc.
  • It can be used in businesses to interact with their customers .
  • It can be used as a language translator .
  • It can be used for making summary of news , articles etc.
  • It can be used for giving answer to their customers .
  • It can be used for preparation of notes , scheduling meetings , calendar management .

In spite these it can be used much more ….

How to use Chat GPT ?

There are following steps for using Chat GPT :

  • First Open your browser
  • Visit on website : chat.openai.com
  • Signup and create your account
  • Fill up required information

What is NFT ? | How does NFT Work ?

What is NFT ?

The full form of NFT is Non Fungible Token . Non Fungible means which is unique and can not be replicable . Non Fungible item has unique identity and it can not be replaced by other similar items . For example an Art , Paintings , Antique etc may be Non Fungible items .
Suppose some gift has given to you by your father , mother , brother or any other , then this item is non fungible for you and it can not be replaced by a similar item available in the market because you are emotionally attached with this gift items . Therefore art , paintings , songs , videos , posters may be Non Fungible items .

How NFT Works ?

The mechanism and Technology behind NFTs is same as in Cryptocurrency , but Cryptocurrency and NFT are not same . Cryptocurrency is fungible asset whereas NFT is Non fungible . One Bitcoin can be replaced or exchange by other Bitcoin as 100 US dollar can be replaced or exchange by other 100 US dollar or two 50 US dollar .
The Technology used behind both Crypto & NFT is Blockchain Technology . This Technology is safe & secure and any manipulation is next to impossible . Every Non Fungible item tied to a specific token in block chain network having immutable record . This is like your digital signature ownership that can not be changed .

What is NFT Art ?

Any art that has been sold or purchased vis NFTs are known as NFT Art . Since NFTs market is in nascent stage but still it is growing significantly . The trading in NFT market is to be fare . The people are not much aware about this , but day will come when it will gain popularity .

How to Create NFT ?

There are some important steps by following that you can create your own NFT & can earn money .

Step #1 : Select the Item

At first you have to select an item which you have to use for NFT . It should be unique because uniqueness gives value . For example Art , Paintings , Music , Video or any other digital items .

Step #2 : Select Blockchain Technology

After creating NFT , now you have to select Blockchain Technology so that you could do your transactions . The most popular Blockchain Technology which is to be used by most of the NFT creators is Ethereum .

Step #3 : Create digital Wallet

You should have a digital wallet because it is must in creating NFT , where you can store your NFTs and Cryptocurrency . Some digital wallet are : Metamask , Alphawallet etc. Now with the help of digital wallet you can create and trade your NFTs .

Step #4 : Select NFT Market

As you have completed all the steps required for NFT , now you can sell it . But for selling you need a market place . Some popular market place are : Opensea , Rariable etc. Since all the market have same purpose but they are not same . Different market utilize different tokens . Opensea is the market leader in NFT market .

Final Thoughts :

I have given some basic knowledge about NFT here , i.e. What is NFT ? How to create NFT ? How to sell NFT ? Step by Step . Before going to take any steps you should have proper knowledge about these things . Therefore at first you should enhance your knowledge then starts your journey , certainly you will be successful .

What is Cryptocurrency ? | How does Cryptocurrency work ?


Cryptocurrency : Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or virtual currency in which all the transaction takes place in digital way , there is no any physical existence of cryptocurrency . All the transactions in crypto maintain in online ledger in encrypted form . This is so secure that hacking is next to impossible . The technology use in cryptocurrency is known as blockchain technology . There are no any central agency regulate Crypto . If you want to transfer crypto , no conversion is required and no middle man is involved in this , it eliminates the middle man like banks , credit card companies etc , but as in case of physical currency bank is involved as a middle man . Therefore if want to send 100 usd to anyone you can do it directly without involving any agency . The purpose of development cryptocurrency was to create alternative to physical currency in which no central agency is to be involved .

What is Blockchain Technology ?

Blockchain is a digital ledger in which every transaction is being stored in blocks . This is the network of thousand of computers placed at different places in a decentralised way . As data is stored in a block , every block has a hash number which also stores the hash number of previous block . When one block become full it is linked with previous block . Thus all the previous blocks are linked with their next block .  Due to decentralized system , no one can edit or manipulate the data , If anyone want to do this , the transaction will be cancelled . So it is secure and safe .

There is no any central agency involve in cryptocurrency . If we talk about physical currency of any country , a central agency is involved , e.g. Indian currency is regulated by Reserve Bank of India ,  in USA ,   Federal Reserve controls the US dollars .

Some Popular Cryptocurrencies :

#1. BitCoin (BTC) :

This is the most popular Cryptocurrency in this time . It was created by Japanese Engineer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 . This is the topmost Crypto of this time in valuation . In 2010 , the price of 1 Bitcoin was less than 1 USD but in 2022 one Bitcoin has value more than 42000 USD . According to data , the market capitalization of Bitcoin is 665 billion USD . There is a huge jump in its prices and market capitalization .

#2. Ethereum (Ether) :

After Bitcoin , Ethereum is the second most popular Cryptocurrency in this time . This was developed by Vitalik Buterin in 2015 . Ethereum is a blockchain platform having its own Crypto named Ethereum . As Ethereum provides a blockchain platform , if you have an idea/project in your mind , there is no need to develop your own blockchain , you can start building your project on Ethereum blockchain . This is more than a digital currency due to their blockchain platform . In 2016 the price of Ethereum Ether was less than 3 USD but in 2022 one Ether’s price is more than 3000 USD .

#3. Litecoin (LTC) :

Litecoin was created by MIT graduate and former Google Engineer Charlie Lee in 2011 . Litecoin has much faster blockchain generation that’s why it provide faster transaction & confirmation . Day by day Litecoin has been growing by number of merchants due to faster  transaction & confirmation . Litecoin transaction completed in 2.5 minutes whereas Bitcoin transaction takes 10 minutes to complete . In march 2017 , Litecoin price was 3 USD  but in January 2022 , LTC price was more than 120 USD .

#4. Binance Coin (BNB) :

Binance coin was created in 2017 & initially Binance coin was operated on Ethereum blockchain platform but ultimately it had launched its own platform i.e. the Binance Chain . Binance coin is for those who use token as a way of payment for exchange .  If we talked about trading volume , the Binance coin is the most widely used exchange in the world . Binance coin can also be exchanged for other Crypto such as Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin etc . It is more flexible in payments methods . One can also book hotels , flights , pay for virtual gifts , lottery etc on some websites . Several platforms also allow to invest in stocks , ETFs , used as collateral for loans etc . The current market capital of BNB has more than 70 billion USD .

#5. Cardano (ADA) :

Cardano is created in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson . Like Ethereum , Cardano has also a blockchain platform but difference is that it has many improvements in technology over Ethereum . That’s why Cardano is being considered as most advanced blockchain Technology till now . Cardano is one of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies of 2022 . Cardano is more scalable than Ethereum having capability of 257 transactions per second .

#6. Ripple (XRP ):

Ripple was launched by Ryan Fugger and Mc Caleb in 2012 . It is very popular due to its fast international transaction that is completed in seconds , as similar transaction in banks takes long time . Ripple was developed in such a way that it enable quick & cheaper international transaction . Ripple processes more than 1500 transactions per second . Due to this it has gained so much popularity . The main focus of Ripple is on one industry , that is related to International money transfer . As transfer is completed within few seconds and also charge is very few as compared to banks and any other financial institutions . This is the main advantage of Ripple . Ripple also has tie up with multiple financial institutions to its payment network .

How to Buy ?

You may buy cryptocurrency in following way :

  • Traditional Brokers : There are some brokers who deal with bond , stocks , etc . they also deal with crypto . Therefore you can buy crypto from them online .
  • Crypto exchange : You can also buy Cryptocurrency from Crypto Exchange .

How to Store Crypto ?

As we put our physical currency in leather wallet , similarly after purchasing Cryptocurrency we can store its key in a Cryptocurrency Wallet . As crypto do not exist in physical form , so we can not put in physical wallet . Therefore in Crypto wallet , private keys and public keys  is to be stored . We can understand private key & public key with an example . Public key is like your Account number and private key is like PIN . As you may share your Account Number with anyone , with your company to pay salary etc .  Hence there is no problem on sharing your public key , but private key is like your secret password it can’t be shared. Your wallet address look like this :


This is the combination of letters , numbers having both upper case & lower case .

There are different types of wallet available having different features .

(i)Desktop Wallet

(ii) Mobile Wallet

(iii)Web Wallet

(iv)Hardware Wallet

Things you can buy :

As popularity and adoption of Cryptocurrency increases day by day , therefore you can buy several things using Crypto . As adoption level increases in future , you can buy more & more things by using crypto .

  • Several Tech companies accepts crypto to sell their products e.g. Microsoft , AT&T etc. Some e-commerce companies such as Shopify , Rakuten also accepts Crypto .
  • Some Luxury goods retailer also accepts Cryptocurrency to sell their products e.g. Rolex .
  • Some car dealer also accepts crypto as a payment .

In this time most of the person accepts it as an Investment Asset . But as the time passes and adoption of crypto increases you can buy many more things .