For (XI,XII, IIT-JEE ) :

Mole Concept , Principle of Atomic Conservation , POAC
Gravimetric Analysis
Oxidation , Reduction , Oxidation Number
Balancing Redox Equations
Volumetric Analysis , Molarity , Normaltiy , Molality
Law of Equivalence
n Factor
Applications of Law of Equivalence , Simple Titration , Back Titration
Double Titration , Iodometric Titration , Idiometric Titration
Volume Strength of H2 O2
Dalton Atomic Theory , Atomic Models , Rutherford Model
Characteristics of Wave , Atomic Spectrum
Planck’s quantum theory , Bohr’s Atomic Model
Quantum Numbers
Dual Character , Particle and Wave Character of Matter and Radiation
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Photo Electric Effect
Gas Laws
Combined Gas Law
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Graham’s Law of Effusion and Diffusion
Imperfect Gases , Real Gases
Real Gases , van der Waal Equation
Van der Waal equation in different forms
Mean Free Path
Chemical Bonding , Electrovalency , Covalency , Sigma and Pi Bonding
Hybridization , V S E P R Theory
Maximum Covalency , Resonance
Deviation from ideal behaviour , FAJAN’S RULE
Role of φ ( ionic Potential )
Hydrogen Bonding , Types of Hydrogen Bonding
Intermoleculer Forces
Chemical Equilibrium , Law of mass action
Equilibrium Constants, KC and KP
Le Chatelier’s Principle
Degree of Dissociation
Relationship between Gibbs Free Energy and Equilibrium constant
Solid State
Chemical Kinetics
Liquid Solutions
Concepts of Acids and Bases
Ionic Equilibrium
Ores & Metallurgy
Periodic Table & its Evolution
Preparation & Properties of Compounds
Transition Elements & Co-ordination Compounds