Physics (XI , XII , IIT-JEE ):

Units , Dimensions & Measurements
Physical Significance of Relative Velocity
Projectile Motion
Projectile on an Inclined Plane
Uniform Circular Motion
Non-uniform Circular Motion
Force & Laws Of Motion
Friction : Static friction , Limiting friction , Kinetic friction
Circular Turning , Banking of Roads , Conical Pendulum
Work Power & Energy
Centre of mass of a system
Velocity of Center of mass , Acceleration of Center of mass
Conservation of Momentum
Impulse , Impulsive force
Collision & Coefficient of Restitution
Head on Collision , Velocity after Collision , Loss of Kinetic Energy
Rotational Motion
Mechanical Properties of Solid : Elasticity
Fluid Mechanics : Density , Relative Density & Density of Mixture
Pressure & Variation of Pressure with depth
Pascal law , Applications of Pascal Law , Hydraulic Lift
Measurement of Pressure , Barometer , Manometer
Archimede’s Principle , Buoyancy
Steady Flow , Unsteady Flow , Streamline Flow
Principle of Continuity in Fluid dynamics
Bernoulli’s Theorem
Velocity of Efflux , Torricelli’s Theorem
Surface Tension
Heat : Thermal Expansion
Heat & Calorimetry
Laws of Thermodynamics
Second law of Thermodynamics , Carnot Heat Engine & Refrigerator
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Transfer of Heat
Periodic motion , Stable Equilibrium & Oscillation
Simple Harmonic Motion
SHM as Projection of Circular Motion
Simple Pendulum in Inertial and Non Inertial Frame
Undamped and Damped simple harmonic oscillations
Wave Motion
Capacitor & Capacitance
Current Electricity
Heating effect of currents
Magnetic Effect Of Current
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves
Ray Optics : Reflection of Light
Ray Optics : Refraction of Light
Wave Optics
Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics
Photoelectric Effect
Semiconductor Devices
Communication Systems