Physics Articles (XI , XII , IIT-JEE ):

System of Units Dimensional Analysis
Significant Figures Errors in Measurement
Vernier Callipers , Screw Gauge
Vectors : Resultant of Vectors & Resolution of Vectors Multiplication of Vectors , Scalar Product , Vector Product
Rest , Motion , Frame of Reference , distance & displacement Average Speed , Average Velocity , Instantaneous Speed & Instantaneous Velocity
Average Acceleration , Instantaneous Acceleration Uniformly & Non-Uniformly Accelerated Motion
Motion Under Gravity Physical Significance of Relative Velocity
Oblique projection on a horizontal surface Time of Flight , Maximum Height , Horizontal Range
Angle of Projection for a given Ratio of Range & Max. Height Position, Time , Speed at any Angular Elevation
Horizontal Projection , Equation of Trajectory , Time of flight , Range Radius of Curvature of a Projectile Motion
Projectile on an Inclined Plane
Circular Motion , Average velocity , Centripetal Acceleration Non-uniform Circular Motion
Concept of force & Laws Of Motion Inertial & Non–Inertial frame of Reference
Pseudo Force
Friction : Static friction , Limiting friction , Kinetic friction Variation of Friction with applied Force
Block on Block Problem in Friction Circular Turning , Banking of Roads , Conical Pendulum
Work Power & Energy Conservative Force & Non-conservative Force
Work done by Spring Force Kinetic Energy , Work Energy Theorem , Potential Energy
Conservation of Energy , Significance of potential energy Instantaneous Power , Average Power
Centre of mass of a system Velocity of Center of mass , Acceleration of Center of mass
Conservation of Momentum
Impulse , Impulsive force Conservation of linear momentum during impact
Collision & Coefficient of Restitution Line of Impact during Collision
Head on Collision , Velocity after Collision , Loss of Kinetic Energy Oblique Impact , Collision
Motion of Rigid body , Rotational Motion Kinetic Energy of Rotation , Moment of Inertia
Moment of Inertia of a Ring Parallel Axis & Perpendicular Axis Theorem
Torque & Pseudo Torque Angular Momentum & its Conservation
Relation between Torque & Angular Acceleration
Combined Rotation and Translation , Rolling Motion
Law of Gravitation , Gravitational Field Variation in Acceleration due to Gravity
Work done in Gravitational Field Gravitational Potential Energy
Gravitational Potential Escape Velocity
Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion Motion of Satellite , Orbital Speed , Total Energy , Angular Momentum
Elasticity , Stress , Strain Hooke’s law & Modulus of elasticity
Stress & Strain curve for wire Elastic potential energy
Elongation of Rod under its own weight
Density , Relative Density & Density of Mixture Pressure & Variation of Pressure with depth
Pascal law , Applications of Pascal Law , Hydraulic Lift Measurement of Pressure , Barometer , Manometer
Archimede’s Principle , Buoyancy
Steady Flow , Unsteady Flow , Streamline Flow Principle of Continuity in Fluid dynamics
Bernoulli’s Theorem Venturimeter
Velocity of Efflux , Torricelli’s Theorem Surface Tension
Relation between Surface Energy & Surface Tension Excess Pressure inside a soap bubble
Angle of contact Capillarity , Ascent Formula
Viscosity , Stoke’s Law , Terminal Velocity Poiseuille formula
Thermal Expansion , Linear expansion , Area expansion , Volume expansion Variation of Density with temperature
Real expansion , Apparent expansion of Liquid Thermal Stress
Effect of Temperature on Pendulum Clocks Heat , Specific Heat Capacity , Molar Heat Capacity , Latent Heat , Water-Equivalent , Principle of Calorimetry
Laws of Thermodynamics , Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics , First law of Thermodynamics Mayor’s Relation (Cp – Cv = R) , Thermodynamic Processes
Second law of Thermodynamics , Carnot Heat Engine & Refrigerator Kinetic Theory of Gases
Transfer of Heat : Conduction , Convection & Radiation
Periodic motion , Stable Equilibrium & Oscillation Simple Harmonic Motion : Linear & Angular SHM
Analytical Treatment to SHM Energy in SHM , Kinetic Energy , Potential Energy
Average Value of P.E. , K.E. of Harmonic Oscillator SHM as Projection of Circular Motion
Simple Pendulum in Inertial and Non Inertial Frame Time period of a Long Pendulum
SHM of Spring Mass System Physical Pendulum , Torsional Pendulum
Undamped and Damped simple harmonic oscillations
Wave and Wave Functions Equation of a Plane Progressive Wave , Energy, Power , Intensity of a Wave
Speed of Wave in a String Sound Waves , Infrasonic and Ultrasonic Waves
Velocity of Sound , Newton’s Formula and Laplace’s correction Factors affecting Velocity of Sound
Displacement Wave , Pressure Wave Pitch, Loudness , Quality of Sound Wave
Reflection, Refraction and Superposition of Waves Standing Waves in a String
Vibration of strings Vibration of air columns , Closed organ Pipe , Open organ Pipe
Beats Doppler Effect
Charging of the body Coulomb’s Law , Force between two point charges
Principle of superpostion Electric field
Electric Potential Energy Electric Lines of Force & its Properties
Electric Potential Equipotential Surface , Relation and Electric field & Potential
Electric Dipole , Dipole Moment & Electric Field Intensity due to Dipole Electric Flux , Gauss Law & Applications of Gauss’s Law
Charge appearing on the Surface of Plates Mechanical Force , Electric Pressure on a Charged Surface
Capacitance of a Parallel Plate Capacitor , Energy Stored in a Capacitor & Energy Density Cylindrical Capacitor and Spherical Capacitor
Series and Parallel Combination of Capacitors Redistribution of Charge, Common Potential & Loss of Energy
Parallel Plate Capacitor with different Charges Effect of Dielectrics on Charged Capacitor
Energy of a Charged Conductor or Capacitor
Electric Current , Drift velocity , Deduction of Ohm’s Law Combination of Resistors , Equivalent Resistance
Grouping of Cells Concept of EMF , Terminal Potential Difference
Kirchhoff ‘s Laws Wheatstone Bridge Principle , Metre Bridge
Ammeter , Voltmeter Potentiometer , Applications of Potentiometer
Sensitivity of Potentiometer Charging of capacitors
Discharging of Capacitors Heating effect of currents
Magnetic Effect Of Current Magnetic field due to straight conductor carrying current
Magnetic field on the axis of circular loop Magnetic field due to circular loop
Magnetic Effect Of Current Magnetic Effect Of Current
Electromagnetic Induction
Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Waves
Reflection of Light , Laws of Reflection Reflection at Spherical Surface , Mirror Formula
Lateral Magnification Refraction of Light , Laws of Refraction , Relation between Real depth and Apparent depth
Refraction Through Number of media , Total apparent shift of the image Total Internal Reflection
Refraction through a prism , Angle of Deviation Angle of minimum deviation , Prism Formula
Refraction at Curved surface Lens maker’s formula
Power of Combination of Lenses Simple Microscope
Simple Magnifier Compound Microscope
Wavefront , Types of Wavefront , Huygens Principle Interference , Constructive Interference , Destructive Interference
Conditions for Constructive and Destructive Interference Fringe Width in Young Double Slit Experiment
Angular Fringe Width Change in fringe width due to change in medium
Fringe shift due to thin film Diffraction of Light
Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics
Photoelectric Effect
Semiconductor Devices
Communication Systems