Energy stored in an inductor

Energy stored in the magnetic field of an inductor

$ \displaystyle \xi = i R + L\frac{di}{dt} $

$ \displaystyle \xi i = i^2R + L i\frac{di}{dt} $

Here , ξ i  is the power supplied by the battery, i2R  is the electrical power dissipated in the resistance and Li(di/dt) is the Rate of energy stored in the inductor

ξ i dt = i2Rdt + Li di

Energy stored in the inductor is

$ \displaystyle U_B = \int_{0}^{I}L i di $

$ \displaystyle U_B = \frac{1}{2}L I^2 $

Exercise : Referring to the previous illustration find the energy stored in the inductor when the current I is dropped to a value of 5A.

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