Problems : Periodic Properties

Level – 1

1. Explain B2H6.2NH3 is a conductor in liquid NH3

2. Among Pb2+ , Ge2+ , Si2+ and Sn2+ which one is most stable and why?

3. AlF3 is unaffected by water but AlCl3 hydrolyses.

4. Although molecular mass of BeCl2 is less but BeCl2 is solid.

5. The decreasing order of ionic radii of O-2 , F , Na+ , Mg+2 is rO-2 > rF > rNa+ > rMg+2 . Explain.

6. Mg is having +ve E.A. value . Explain

7. The first I.P. of Na is the same as electron affinity of Na+ ion

8. The second I.P. for alkali metals shows a jump while the third I.P. for alkaline earth metal shows a jump.

9. Be and N have extremely low value of EA against the trend. Explain.

10. Mn2O7 is an acidic oxide. Why?

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