The full form of Chat GPT is Chat Generative Pre Trained Transformer . According to sources Chat GPT  is a platform where you can ask your questions and get the answer in written form .

Actually Chat GPT  was launched on 30th Nov. 2022 and its official website :

After launched it achieved more than two million user base .

At this time most of people talking about Chat GPT and they want to know what is  chat GPT ? How chat GPT works ? What are their advantages and disadvantages ? How it can be used ?  . Somebody believes that Chat GPT beat the Google .

What is Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT is a  trained model that takes input in text form and give the result also in text form as a reaction . It is used for Question Answer , Language Translation , Articles Writing , Blog Writing etc.

In simple language we can say that Chat GPT AI is a search engine like google which is created by using Artificial Intelligence .

Actually it  is like a Chatbot which can give your question’s Answer in simple language  which has been asked by you . It works in many language but in English it is more precise .

Website :

Who is the Owner of Chat GPT ?

Chat GPT  is not a property of a person or any organisation . It is a vast model that is developed by openAI and it is an Artificial Intelligence Lab . OpenAI Lab works on big scale on Machine Learning .

The CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman is the mastermind behind Chat GPT .

As Chat GPT is a language model that is not limited to a group of country . But it was developed by OpenAI organisation which is established in USA .

How Chat GPT works ?

Actually Chat GPT is an advanced natural language processing model that uses deep learning and RLHF for communication . It works on the basis of pattern that learn on training and predicts next words and uses human understandable language by large neural network .

Uses of Chat GPT in different Area :

  • By using chat GPT one can generate high quality and optimised content for their website , blog etc.
  • It can be used in businesses to interact with their customers .
  • It can be used as a language translator .
  • It can be used for making summary of news , articles etc.
  • It can be used for giving answer to their customers .
  • It can be used for preparation of notes , scheduling meetings , calendar management .

In spite these it can be used much more ….

How to use Chat GPT ?

There are following steps for using Chat GPT :

  • First Open your browser
  • Visit on website :
  • Signup and create your account
  • Fill up required information