What is UPI ? | What are the benefits of UPI System ?


The full form of UPI  is Unified Payments Interface . This interface is initiated by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) and regulated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) & IBA(Indian Bank Association) . This is the crucial step taken by government to enhance digital economy & cashless economy . This interface is safe & secure . Using this system anyone can do online shopping , transfer money , pay mobile bill , electricity bill etc. e.g. BHIM App , Paytm , Google pay and many more .

#1.Things require for transferring money :

For transferring money via UPI  :

  • One should have a Smart Phone
  • One should have Active Bank Account & also your mobile number linked with this Account .
  • Internet Connection with your Smart Phone

#2. How to Register ?

    • One should download the UPI App from Play Store or Bank website
    • One should create his/her profile by entering details : such as Name , virtual ID , Password etc.
    • Now to go to “Add/Link/Manage Bank Account” option and link your Bank Account Number with virtual ID .

#3. How to generate PIN ?

  • You have to select bank Account from which you want to start transaction .
  • You will receive an OTP (One Time Password ) from the selected bank on your registered mobile number .
  • You have to enter the last 6 digit of your Debit Card Number & expiry date .
  • You have to enter OTP and your preferred UPI PIN that you would like to set & Click on Submit .
  • After Clicking on Submit you will get a successful notification .

#4. Benefits of UPI :

  • Immediate money transfer through your mobile .
  • You can link Single Application with your multiple Account .
  • Fast payments : Money can be transferred in real time & anytime .
  • Security : This system uses Push and Pull technique . You have not to fill any details such as : Bank name , Bank Account Number , IFSC etc.
  • Utility : By using this system you can pay your mobile bill , electricity bill , online shopping , money transfer & many more things .
  • Single Click two factor Authentication : After completion of payment , confirmation has to sent to your mobile number .
  • No need to carry cash due to instant money transfer .
  • You can transfer up to Rs.1 lacs per day .